Ok I’ll start off by saying I originally wrote this blog post FOREVER AGO but I’ve been hesitant to post it. I didn’t want my followers to think I was too “risqué”. But then I thought, F it! This is the year of me being me so here I am. In my underwear… LOL

I’ve been fortunate enough to do two boudoir shoots with my good friend Krista (you can check her out here! Boudoir shoots are totally fun and not nearly as scary as you would think! So if you’ve ever considered getting a shoot done (and even if you haven’t!) I’m going to give you three good reasons why you should at least consider it!

#1- Preparing for shoot is actually fun! You can set a goal for yourself leading up to the shoot if you’d like, whether it’s working out or trying to eat healthier. You get to go SHOPPING and it gives you an excuse to get yourself some pretty pieces you normally wouldn’t! I looked on Pinterest for different looks that I liked, and I also studied some poses and brought some ideas to the shoot of what I might like to try!

#2- You deserve to pamper yourself! Before both my shoots, I got a spray tan, got my nails done, whitened my teeth! You can do your own hair or makeup if you’d like but a lot of the photographers will supply a hairdresser and makeup artist for you so you can get totally glammed up. Fake eyelashes and all! And who doesn’t love playing dress up every once in a while? Word of advice, the taller the heels, the better! Your legs and booty will thank you later!

#3- And last but not least, the pictures are BEAUTIFUL!  And they’re yours to keep FOREVER! You get to choose your edits and prints and pick as many or as little as you like, but trust me you’ll probably love them all! I’ve heard of lots of women that do boudoir shoots as a special gift for their partners but I say do it for yourself! You’ll get to see yourself in a whole new light, and I bet once you do, you’ll realize what a smokeshow you actually are!!!

25 thoughts on “Why I did a boudoir photo shoot, and why you should too!”

  1. Dang girl, your boudoir photos are GOALS. I’m hoping to do some around the time of my wedding – and my partnership with Adore Me has helped supply me with plenty of gorgeous pieces to shoot – but I gotta admit I’m hella nervous. I don’t love my body very much, so that part stresses me out haha. But I’ve heard how empowering it can be, so I’m hoping it just makes me like myself more (I guess) haha!

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