About 3 months ago, I started getting emails telling me it was time to renew my website. I ignored them. I hadn’t blogged in over a year so what was the point in renewing it. And then… my website expired, and I panicked. I had put so much work into my website and was passionate about it at one point, could I find that passion again? I mean the things I used to blog about don’t exist anymore. My career as a flight attendant, traveling around the world, even wearing beautiful clothes. Brushing my hair. Wearing makeup. So what will I blog about???

I guess I could just blog about my life. I mean that’s what a “lifestyle” blogger technically is right? It might be boring to some. Maybe to most, but I’ll do it for me! Because you know what? I lost myself there for a while. And if I’m being honest, I’m still lost most days. The things that used to define who I was don’t exist anymore. I think I was in a deep dark hole… One I didn’t even realize I was in until I started to emerge from it.

So here I am. Writing. It’s not much. But it’s something. So I hope you’ll stick around while I navigate back through this. As I try to meld the pieces of my old life with this very different one I’m currently living! Love you guys!

These beautiful photos were taken by Andrea Ormiston! You can check out her Instagram here.

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