HOLY SH*T it’s been a hot minute! I don’t even use that term but it seemed fitting in this circumstance. First off… Hello! Hi! How are you??? I’ve missed you guys! I’ve tried to write this blog post about 10 times and every time I try, the words fail me. So here I am… on my 11th try… hoping the words finally come out and make some sort of sense!
So where have I been?? Good question! Well if you’ve been following me on social media, you know I’ve been quite busy! And I’m not just using that as an excuse this time! I’ve been growing a human! What??? Meeee??? The 37 year old with one ovary who thought she was never going to have children? Yep… that’s the one.
I’ve hesitated about whether or not I wanted to share this aspect of my life with the social media world. Why not right? I’ve shared everything else in my life for the last 3 years! But this felt different… it felt foreign (it still does!) I’ve built my blog and my social media persona on the life of a glamorous flight attendant that travels the world and wears cute outfits while doing so! Well… that’s not going to be my life for much longer, and I’m struggling with figuring out who I am. Who am I going to be? Do I have it in me to be a mommy blogger? Will my life be too boring to blog about? But most importantly, will I be too exhausted to create content with an infant to take care of??!!
If I’m being perfectly honest, the whole thing has been a bit of a struggle (or a lot of a struggle depending on the day!) I’m exhausted ALL THE TIME and I’m not embracing my pregnancy body the way I wish I could. I don’t have the desire to dress up my bump in cute outfits and take pictures! I feel like Shrek most of the time! So to summarize my jumbled up thoughts, I have no idea what I’m doing! What I do know is that I missed you guys… and I can only hope you missed me too and you’ll bear with me as I maneuver and transition into this new phase of my life and try to figure this all out! xoxo Kyla

7 thoughts on “Got a secret can you keep it???”

  1. Do what’s going to work best for you not what you think everyone else wants or expects from you. If you feel like blogging while rocking out the new mommy world is going to work for you, know that lots of people will love to follow along. But if it feels forced or brings added stress to your life then everyone will get over it and you can focus on what’s going to be best for you.

  2. I agree with Nicole! On social media we create a brand that sometimes we grow out of… and I believe people who read the blog + follow you care about YOU more than your content. So whether you decide to share cute outfits with Pedro, baby recipes or whatever you may choose, we will be happy to see you’re happy and we’ll accept the transition cause HEY! We’re human, and as humans we evolve. And that’s OK ❤️

  3. You keep on being YOU! And blog on gf! ❤️? I’m positive that peeps will still watch,follow and learn as your magnificent and beautiful and wonderful ???

    Just do you! Baby Pedro is super lucky to have you as a momma and I can’t wait to see pictures of this little wonder. First and foremost take care of you and him. The rest will just fall into place. So much love ❤️ for you.

  4. K first of all, how the F are you 37? Honestly? You look wayyy younger for sure! & yes girl, it’s hard, and you’re going to be exhausted, but I promise you being a mom is so worth it! Don’t stress about things! Be a mom first, and if you want and feel up to it, keep blogging 🙂 either way keep showing your gorgeous face mama! <3 you got this!

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