Now here’s a pet peeve of mine. You know those cheap shady knock off websites that steal photos from other websites or bloggers and put them on their site? Then you order it and it shows up and it looks nothing like the picture… because they LEGIT STOLE the photo!! Anyway… carrying on. I was scrolling through facebook when I saw the most STUNNING dress I had ever seen! It was posted by one of said shady knock off websites so I set out to find out where the original dress was from. I’m part of a lady group on Facebook and let me tell you, these ladies are TALENTED! They can find ANYTHING. I posted asking if anyone knew where the dress was from and a bunch of them actually knew and/or owned it already! Then all of a sudden the actual blogger from the photos commented and say oh hey that’s me! I was like OMG I LOVE YOU! (She’s stunning and the sweetest person ever —> Stephanie Danielle) But besides that… I HAD TO HAVE IT! Once it was in my possession, I knew I needed to do an epic photo shoot worthy of its beauty.
I had seen a couple of photo shoots with people using smoke bombs as props, so of course, I wanted to use smoke bombs as a prop. Luckily I know a guy, who knows a guy who just happened to have some smoke bombs! Well I had some expectations of how I thought it was going to look, versus what it actually looked like… see example below.
That’s the problem with expectations… We at least got one “passable” shot. Luckily for us, we still have 4 more smoke bombs left to perfect our technique! So stay tuned for more “epic” smoke bomb photos to come!
All the photos were taken by the amazing, talented Craig Clark!

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