She’s perfect. She has perfect hair. Perfect skin. A perfect body. A perfect boyfriend…. Sound familiar??? I’m guilty of idolizing people on social media too. It’s easy to get swept away thinking someone has a perfect life that’s better than yours for this reason or that.. but I’m here to tell you, IT ISN’T REAL!
I posted this photo on my Facebook a few days ago and had a great response to it. And you know why? Because that’s me! In all my double chinned glory! When I’m going through the photos after a photoshoot and I come across the “outtakes” so to speak, I always keep them! They’re actually my favourite shots!  And why??? Because this is real life! Double chins, clothing tags showing, bags under the eyes… all of it. My photographer and I are both super good at editing and while I try to keep my photos as real as possible do I soften my skin once in a while? Yep! Get rid of the bags under my eyes? Sure do! (shift work is hard y’all!)
 Social media can be a great place where we can share tidbits of our lives (mostly the good stuff) and meet and stay in touch with people from all over the world. BUT… we can also GLAMOURIZE our lives and make it SEEM as perfect and wonderful as we want it to be and what we want others to perceive it to be. It can be so unhealthy to compare ourselves to others we think have “better” lives/boyfriends/careers than us! Everyone struggles. NO ONE is perfect. Not even me! Hard to believe I know…

19 thoughts on “DON’T BELIEVE THE LIES! Social media isn’t real…”

  1. Thank you for this post today beautiful girl. I really needed it. You are so fabulous and live such an awesome life! I love following your real and honest life!

  2. I love this so much! A few months ago, I posted an entire article sharing my bloopers and it had such a great response that I might just have to do it again. You’re so cute and I love the realness behind this!

  3. This is sooo true, and as bloggers we have to remember that we’re watching everyone’s highlight reel! I wish more people (myself included), would post their bloopers more often! I think more people are sick of seeing the perfection! Love this post!

    Chow Down USA

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