For as long as I can remember, I’ve been attracted to two things. Things that are pink and pretty much anything that sparkles. So when I saw these sequin jogger pants from Vici, even though I knew I would probably never wear them, I had to have them! I even took a poll on Facebook asking if I should get them and the results were an astounding YES! When Vici released them, they sure didn’t last long on their website before they sold out so I guess I wasn’t the only one needing glitter pants in their lives! Since I wanted to save on shipping and duty, I shipped them to Blaine, Washington, thinking it would be a quick easy drive to go pick them up. Well… then my laziness took over and my poor lonely glitter pants sat in Washington waiting to be loved by me! When I finally got the notice that if my lazy ass didn’t go pick up the pants they were going to be sent back, I hopped in my car and off to Blaine I went for an adventure! (that’s a whole other story!)
So I finally have my sparkly glitter pants of happiness! So what now? What do I wear them with? How do I rock them? Do I adore them?? Well to be honest… it might have been love at first sight… but it was not love at first wear! They were much comfier than I expected them to be. They’re lined with a really soft material and they’re stretchy and don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful to look at! The problem is, I just don’t think they suit my body type! I’m short and have kind of stocky legs and they just made me look like a fat Oompa Loompa! (insert sad face!) Maybe I’ll learn to love them or maybe I should pass them on to someone who can love them like the deserve to be loved… any takers???

The sweater is from ValDesigns and the gold glitter shoes are from Forever 21
 Photos by Craig Clarke Photography or on Instagram @vfxsup

25 thoughts on “The truth about the glitter pants…”

  1. Honestly you rock them. Pair them with a cool off the shoulder blouse or a biker jacket or even a fun tshirt for more casual style. You totally don’t look like an Oompa Loompa

  2. Girlfriend, those pants look AH-MAZING on you. For real though, you totally rock them and they flatter you brilliantly. I wouldn’t quit them yet. Maybe after a few times of wear, they’ll feel more YOU 🙂

  3. I think it’s just the cut. Joggers have to be cropped if you’re petite- I have the same issue. But the color and style is darling on you!!!

  4. They are SO fun and you absolutely don’t look like an oompa loompa, but I get that if you don’t love yourself in them, you’re never going to be compelled to put them on. They do look adorable on you, though!

  5. These glitter joggers are so fun, and I love how you paired them with the sweatshirt! I think they look great on you (not an oompa loompa!), and you should rock them more!

  6. Those pants are amaze! And I love the way you styled them…toning it down with a casual top. Super cute!
    xo, Lauren Ashley

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