Once upon a time there was a fairy tale princess who refused to grow up. She liked to wear pink, glitter, cat ears and sometimes even tutus! One day she, along with her squire, were driving around Stanley Park participating in a fall themed photo shoot. She brought her tutu along for the ride… just in case (as you do!).
It was getting late in the day and the princess was getting tired of having her photo taken and was getting hangry.
“I don’t want to shoot anymore!” she proclaimed.
“Are you sure?” enquired the squire, “You haven’t shot in your tutu yet and look at that picturesque pond over there!”
“NO!” the princess pouted… “I want PIZZA!”
As they turned to drive away, the princess had a change of heart. “FIIIIIIINNNEEE… I’ll put the tutu on… let’s go!”
The squire stopped and the princess got out of her carriage to change on the side of the road (as only the classiest of princesses do) and away they went! All of a sudden… something magical happened! The princess wasn’t grumpy anymore!

She started swirling and twirling and contorted her body into ballet poses she had thought were long forgotten from her younger years. Then the princess remembered, she ALWAYS FELT THIS WAY in her tutu. She continued kicking her leg up, standing on her toes, climbing onto the bridge… she became a little ballerina water nymph!

 She felt invincible!
Until the next day… when she realized how out of shape and inflexible she was and couldn’t walk properly for three days after… THE END!


 In all seriousness though.. this skirt is the bomb.com and everyone should own one to bring out their inner princess! My beautiful friend and founder Silvana Favaretto created The Tulle Project and I love everything she and her company stand for!
What about you guys? Would you rock a tutu???

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