They always say you want what you can’t have… and for my that sentiment couldn’t ring more true than how I feel about my hair. After growing my hair out for THREE YEARS I decided I wanted to look like Juliannne Hough and chop it in to a platinum bob. And don’t get my wrong… I LOVED IT… at first… but I shortly realized I was way too lazy to have short hair. It only looked cute when I styled it and I missed being able to throw my long mop into a messy top bun or a side braid. My hair was SOOOOO damaged from all the dyeing and frying I had done to it. So starts the long process of growing it… and I was becoming impatient!
I reached out to my long term hairdresser (and friend!) Amber of Amber Joy & Co. and told her I needed long hair again ASAP! By some divine miracle, Amber had just had a massive cancellation and could fit me in for a color and mermaid hair! So I jumped on a plane and headed to Winnipeg to begin my lonnnnngggg process of having Rapunzel hair again! I’ve had lots of questions, so I thought I would write a quick post and answer some of the most common ones!
Did it hurt?
I wouldn’t say it hurt… uncomfortable, yes definitely! When it’s getting done, it’s more like an annoying stabbing! Afterwards it feels very tight and it’s hard to get used to sleeping on it because you have weird lumps on your head! I think it definitely depends on how sensitive your scalp is. It didn’t bother me that much. It definitely gets itchy though and sometimes it drives me CRAZY!
How long does it last?
If you take care of the hair, it can last up to a year I’m told!
What’s the maintenance?
You have to get the extensions tightened every 6 weeks. It hasn’t been 6 weeks yet, so I’m not sure how that process is! Other than that, you just treat them like your normal hair! Wash and condition it as you would regularly and brush it carefully! I haven’t had any issues with tangling or anything like that!
Was it expensive?
The short answer is yes! Haha… I’m not going to lie about that! You definitely need to budget for this one, but in all honesty, it was worth EVERY PENNY!
I know it sounds ridiculous and vain to say something like hair can make you feel better about yourself… but honestly I’m so happy with this transformation! I feel “pretty” again, and I love having the extensions as an option while I work at getting my own hair healthy and happy again! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me anything!

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