Another month has come and gone and now Fall is in full swing! September wasn’t a great month for me, both mentally and physically, but I’m excited for October, and I feel like it’s going to be a great month! I’m going home to Winnipeg for Thanksgiving, I’m getting a new hair style and I’m excited for a new start and a fresh beginning! I thought I would share some of my favourite bits of happiness from the last month!
Favourite event!
By FAR the best part of September was when my baby brother came to visit! I surprised him by taking him to Whistler beer festival! If you read my post about Whistler (read it here!), you know how much I love it there, and while I don’t really like beer, the event was seriously so much fun! (as you can see by this tipsy photo of me below looking a little rough!)
Set in the mountains, it was so picturesque. There was live music, games, food trucks and it was just an awesome time all around! I found out I definitely prefer stouts (not surprising since my favourite beer is Guinness!) and I’m definitely going back next year!
Favourite new shoes!
This one is a no brainer really! My new cat shoes from BOBS by Skechers! I actually picked these up when I was in Louisiana because my feet were so sore I couldn’t walk anymore and needed something cozy! I love these shoes! Every time I look down at my feet, I can’t help but smile and think to myself, I’m the cats meow!
Favourite book!
I never read these days, which is such a shame! Living my life on social media, if I have any time at all, it’s spent on there! I was having some anxiety this month so I decided to take a little breather and step back from social media. I picked up the book The Girl On The Train which I had heard such good things about and I can’t put it down! I’m half way through it and I can’t wait to finish and then watch the movie!
Favourite movie!
Speaking of movies, I also NEVER watch movies! Like maybe one a year! Tragic, I know! Again I took a little break from social media and decided to watch Wonder Woman and I LOVED IT! Oh my gosh it’s so good and can we talk about GIRL POWER???
Are you guys looking forward to October??? Can you believe Christmas and 2018 are right around the corner???

6 thoughts on “These Fall favourites will “leaf” you smiling!”

  1. Looks like you’ve had a fun past couple of weeks. Isn’t it the best feeling when family comes to visit! Glad you had a blast and also took some time for you to chill and watch a movie/read!
    xo, LA

  2. September was pretty tough for me too and I was super excited about October! I’ve been wanting to see Wonder Woman! And btw I am super obsessed with your kitty flats!


  3. Whistler is one of my favourite places to visit in any season! My old stomping grounds and the first place I lived when I moved to Canada! I’ve not seen Wonder Woman yet but I really want to get round to it soon!

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