Well, it’s official… summer is over. Vancouver gave us a last little hurrah there but today it was torrential rain with a chill in the air, reminding me of the long months ahead. I’m not like a lot of people in that I don’t like fall. I don’t like oversized scarves and overpriced pumpkin spice lattes. Give me sundresses and beach days all year round and I would be a happy clam! I decided to celebrate the last few days of sunshine by having one last summer themed photoshoot before I whip out the chunky sweaters and the boots. Ugh… 
I know I probably say this every year, but summer SERIOUSLY flew by this year! I feel like my laziness always gets in the way of everything there is to do in the summer, especially living in Vancouver! I did a few fun things this summer but not nearly as much as I could have!
Even though Stanley Park is right around the corner from me, I hardly ever find myself there… Which is a shame because there are quaint little spots around every corner, beautiful beaches, and stunning views!
I love fashion. But not in the way that some people do where I want to attend New York Fashion week or scour through the pages of Vogue. More in the way that I love coming up with ideas on cute outfits I can put together and where I want to shoot them.
I love planning out outfits, adding in the shoes, the hair, the makeup, purses, earrings etc! In retrospect, I should have probably been a stylist!
Lucky for me, when I started blogging, it gave me the perfect outlet for my styling creativity, and I absolutely love coming up with fun photo shoot ideas (more so than actually shooting them! I’m such an awkward fake model!)
One of my favourite trends this year was the built in choker tops! I love a good choker, always have, and these tops take the guesswork out of it. Lucky for me I get to bring all my favourite summer clothes with me on my layovers when I get hot destinations! I plan on spending a LOT of time in Hawaii this winter, and I’m planning a trip to Costa Rica! So I won’t be too sun deprived! (Try not to feel too sorry for me I know!)
How do you guys feel? Are you all about summer or are you happy fall is here??


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Paisley Print Dress from Tobi 
Fringe Sandals from Primark
Black Bell Sleeve Dress from Tobi
Black strappy sandals from ZooShoo 
Choker top from Tobi
Jeans are from Mavi

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8 thoughts on ““Sun” of a “beach”… summer really is over…”

  1. The pictures are stunning as usual! And I know what u mean about being an awkward model…. it’s so bad to say but I hate getting my picture taken atm bc I’m trying to tone up ? But in Florida I’m definitely ready for summer to be over, it’s not always enjoyable when you start sweating just walking outside LOL

  2. I agree, I love the idea of coming up with new and different ways to style pieces in my closet to create new looks. I have to say though I love Fall but probably because I have great Family memories from growing up in the countryside and being outside playing in the leaves in Fall as a kid, plus I was born in The Autumn 🙂

  3. Ahhhh it feels so weird that Palm Springs is ACTUALLY cooling down LOL. It’s been well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for months now and for once we can actually save our electricity and opt for windows open instead of the AC! The weather’s been perfect lately as I still haven’t needed to put away all my dresses yet. I’m looking forward to fall decorating and cozying up in front of the fire place though! You look stunning babe — love these photos! 🙂 xo, sharon


  4. I’m in the complete opposite boat…it’s still SO HOT down South, but I’m ready for colder weather for Fall Fashion. I can totally feel you though, it’s bittersweet to lose the beach days and sundresses. However, you look absolutely stunning in that wine dress! You could totally be a stylist!
    xo, Lauren Ashley

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