Hi my name is Kyla… and I have a confession to make… I’m a hair-dye-aholic!  For real though… if you’ve been following me for a while now, you know one thing about me for sure… I like to color my hair! Like a lot!  And… well… it’s all fun and games until your hair burns off and gives you a chemical shag/mullet! Long gone are the days of my beautiful flowing locks and while I’ve tried my best to embrace the short hair life, I just miss my long hair. So in a quest to speed up the process, I started googling ways to make my hair grow faster!
DISCLAIMER! This is not a sponsored post.. I paid FULL price to try these products for myself and give you my honest review on them!
If you have social media, I’m sure you’ve heard of Monat. They are a naturally based haircare company that can APPARENTLY completely transform your hair! I’ve seen some pretty insane claims on social media boasting that Monat makes hair grow faster and repairs split ends?? Hmmm… well I don’t know about all that but part of me was intrigued.

After finding out that my good friend was a rep, I reached out to her. Now this stuff isn’t cheap… but hey if it takes my garbage, chemically burnt, rats nest and makes it even remotely healthy again, I’m in! So after asking her 487 questions, I was ready to order. Now came the hard part… did I want the system that made my hair grow long… or maybe the one that repaired all the split ends…. do I want the smoothing system… do I need the eyelash serum??? OMG I’m overwhelmed!! After going back and forth, reading a trillion reviews, putting stuff in my cart, taking them out of the cart, changing my mind about the whole thing, I finally committed and ordered the Intensive Repair Treatment shampoo and conditioner. I immediately had buyers remorse… did I seriously just spend that much on SHAMPOO??? Deep breathes Kyla… think of the mermaid hair in your future!
Shipping took a while (I was warned about this!) and I sat and impatiently waited for my magic potion to arrive. I was a little shocked at how small the bottles were! I thought well great, these aren’t going to last long. Well I was pleasantly surprised at how long it has lasted and after finishing the full bottles, I’m finally ready to tell you my thoughts on it!

So the question you’ve all been waiting for… is Monat worth the hype??? Well… I’ll tell you this, I ordered more and considering how cheap I am, that DEFINITELY means something! Did it make my hair grow faster? I think it might have! Did it heal my hair? It did a pretty darn good job! Even my hairdresser agreed my hair looked longer and MUCH MUCH healthier! A few times since I started it, I have cheated on Monat and used something else. Every time I’m like WHYYYYY because my hair ends up feeling terrible afterwards! Monat gets a THUMBS UP approval from me! Have you guys tried it yet? What did you think???

9 thoughts on “Is Monat worth the hype???”

  1. I have been getting my hair dyed from about 5-6 years ago and I think I didn’t really have a good hairdresser/hairstylist because it went through A LOT of damage. So I hear you, babe. The brand sounds lovely and I am so glad it worked well for you. I might need to look into getting a few bits and bobs for myself! An eyelash serum? I have never used it! Might try it 😀
    xox Nadia

  2. I’ve never heard of Monat before but I’m definitely intrigued, my hair is in such terrible condition now after bleaching it platinum and I need something that’ll make it soft and shiny again lol!

  3. Hmm I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on all of this – I’ve always wondered about this so it was great to read this review from someone who I know who has a great taste in products!

  4. Thank you for your review. I am not a blond, but can relate to the rats nest & took the leap in October to try Monat for myself. I have been incredibly impressed with my personal results and results of those around me! I kept thinking that this has to be too good to be true! And, itIS!!! Being able to “fluff” up my hair on day three since washing & run out the door knowing that it looks better then it ever did 6 months ago is a WIN!

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