End of June already… seriously??? 6 months until Christmas.. let that sink in! I had a pretty chill month (like most of my months let’s be honest!) but I thought I would do a quick round up of some random things I’ve been loving this month!

Favourite new hair colour!
Any guesses?? I recently went in to see my fab new hairdresser (@jsealle) and I was just going to get my roots touched up but when she casually said she could throw a pink on if I wanted I was like ummmm yes please! And while the first pink we ended up was pretty, it’s now faded to this kind of rose gold pink and I’m in love! I think I’m going to stick with it for a while but knowing me, that’s not likely!

Favourite drug store find!
Ummmm hello glue on nails! Glue on nails?? Seriously Kyla?? Yep! These glue on nails have come a long way from glue on nails of days past. I love having my nails done but going to the salon is tedious and painting on your own nails is a pain in the butt! These glue on nails come with the glue already on them and they come in the cutest colours EVER! They actually stay on too and I feel like I have my life slightly more together when my nails don’t look like a disgusting hot mess!

Favourite new TV show!
Can we just take a moment to talk about 13 REASONS WHY??? OMG!! I can’t even! I binge watched this show and while a lot of the scenes and the general premise are very heavy, it is so well done and touches on so many important topics. It definitely hurt my heart, but I’m so glad I watched it!

Fave new whitening toothpaste!
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with having white teeth! I’m actual shocked I have any enamel left! I used to have a Crest Whitestrips addiction but my teeth are WAY too sensitive for that these days! Luckily I found a whitening toothpaste that not only works amazingly well but also causes no sensitivity!I love it so much, I actually decided to start selling it on the side! (Cause I didn’t have enough going on already!) You can order directly from my site wanderlustkyla.nsproducts.com or message me anytime for more info!


Happy Canada Day and 4th of July to my friendly neighbours to the south! Have an amazing long weekend my loves!

8 thoughts on “June’s over ALREADY?? Ju-lying!!”

  1. I know! Where the hell has this entire year gone?! I swear it was yesterday that it was New Years Day!! It freaks me out how fast time goes by. I totally got obsessed with 13 reasons why and definitely think there was some heavy messages in there but definitely such a great series to watch. You know they’re making the second season?!

    Have an amazing July Kyla!!

    Helen xx

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