OMG guys!!! It’s been a HOT MINUTE since my last blog post! Just kidding… I don’t talk like that… I’ve just always wanted to say that! How are you guys??? I’m so sorry for slacking on the writing. It’s been a crazy few weeks…. So let’s get caught up… shall we???
So number one.. it was my birthday! Yayyyyy happy birthday to me! And as I do every year, I went to Ireland to celebrate. I hadn’t been since last year and it was great to get back and see my family and of course SHOP! I celebrated my bday there a little early and took in some sights, shopped but mostly just chilled out and hung with the fam jam!
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The day we were celebrating my bday, my cousin told me to be ready by a certain time and to dress comfortably. The only thing I could think of that we were doing was a pole dancing lesson! Well it definitely wasn’t that! She had bought a roller skating Groupon, and after driving around forever, we couldn’t even find the place! Finally we found it, this old sketchy looking church hall. We were the only ones there and it was so random but hilarious! Bless her heart for trying! We drank a bunch of Guinness afterwards to make up for the #epicfail!
After my European jaunt, I flew back to Canada to celebrate my actual bday with my friends in Vancouver!  Of course I had to wear a tutu and cat ears!
We had a lovely dinner at a Lebanese restaurant called Nuba. My friend picked it out because it had a lot of vegetarian and vegan options! After dinner, we went to an event that was thrown by a fellow flight attendant called “Real Men, Real Make Up”. It’s an amateur drag show to help benefit and raise awareness to many charities and oh my gosh it was such a blast! Everyone was just having so much fun and one of our friends even competed and did SUCH a good job!
I had big hopes for the rest of my birthday weekend but lucky for me, I got a birthday COLD! Not exactly what I asked for for my bday 🙁  I was pretty bummed out because I love celebrating my bday for days but it was pretty tame this year. I want a DO OVER!
Other than that, I’ve just been rocking my makeup business! Are we friends on Facebook yet? If not WHY NOT?? I’ve been doing LIVE tutorials on there where I do my makeup and talk about my sh*tty dating life! You’re really missing out… So you should probably add me Kyla Wander!
What have you guys been up to? What have I missed?? I promise to try and write more often! Love you guys!

13 thoughts on ““Irish” you were here…”

  1. Loved reading more about your trip to Ireland! Glad you had fun!!

    The Blobde Diary

  2. Sounds like you had a great birthday!!! Oh I would just love to visit Ireland – what a great annual tradition you have! And your birthday outfit in Vancouver was adorable – love me a tutu! 😉

  3. You’re so cute!! Happy late birthday!! It looks like a crazy month, you’re always off on cool adventures! I love living vicariously through you. You’re make up looks are on point, and you look stunning as usual!!

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