Hiiiiiiii…. so I’m laying in bed (it’s Saturday night) and I’m trying to get the motivation to write a blog post. I challenged myself to have a blog post up every Sunday and a tutorial up every Tuesday and guys… I’m struggling. I’ve been sooooooooo tired lately! Sometimes sleeping 16 hours a night! I went to a naturopath finally and I know I need to make some serious changes to my lifestyle but it’s really hard to be motivated to do ANYTHING when literally all you want to do in life is sleep…
I did force myself to go to Montreal this week to meet up with a friend but it basically took everything in me to get there. And you want to know what I did when I got there? Mostly slept! Lol. I know I shouldn’t laugh cause it’s actually really tragic… but c’est la vie right? I did manage to venture out one of the days when I was there and my friend took some pretty amazing pictures that I wanted to share with you!
We didn’t really have a plan for the day so we just ventured out but we ended up at the amazing Saint Joseph’s Oratory. We were just going to take a few photos outside but little did we know what kind of cool stuff there was to see inside!
I instantly felt like I was in Europe, which was totally awesome! Everything was absolutely gorgeous, so old but SO well maintained. There was so much to see including a crypt AND a real confessional! I had never seen one in real life and I was sooooooo tempted to go in and reveal my deepest darkest secrets! (We would have been kicked out!)
I started a blog post about my amazing adventures in Montreal but it was fake and forced. So here I am being honest with you guys. I feel crummy. Most days I just want to stay in bed all day, and some days I DO stay in bed all day! It’s so much easier for me to write when I write about how I’m actually feeling and don’t try to glamorize and lie to you guys! I’m hoping I start feeling better soon so everything I do can start to bring me joy again instead of feeling like a massive chore! Thanks for bearing with me… as always, your love and support is what does give me the little motivation I can muster up these days!



18 thoughts on “The truth about Montreal…”

  1. So glad your being honest!! Being honest will make you feel better!!
    Hope you feel better soon. Never think that there isn’t someone to talk to because there always is.
    Your friends from the “rock”

  2. You’re a good person…and beautiful! People follow you to read what u have to say, what you recommend and where you travel too…because frankly its more places than people see in a lifetime! You blog and we live vicariously through you.
    Say what u will, and we will read it.
    No hate, not fake! Luv ya

  3. I hear you lady and sometimes we all go through a slump or down period where we need to reconnect with ourselves and understand why we do what we do!! Take some time off if you’re feeling lack of inspiration to remind yourself why you like doing this xx love you lots honey

    Helen xx

  4. Next time you are in Montreal, take the BIXI bikes and tour the city. It’s an awesome system; one I soooo wish we would adopt in the U.S. You pick up a bike and ride to one destination, park it at a BIXI station and explore, perhaps even walking to the next BIXI station to get another bike and travel on and so on and so on! It was amazing and we saw so many wonderful places. Shopping, outdoor market, you name it. Montreal is a great city if you want a European atmosphere, but don’t want to cross the pond. Awesome photos!

  5. You’re honesty in posts is something that I really love about your blog. I’ve been exhausted of late too (though that could have something to do with spider nightmares and my cats waking me up for food at 4am every day!) I hope you feel better soon! Montreal looks and sounds so beautiful! I’ll get there one day!

    Ellie | http://www.scotchandstilettos.com

  6. Those are absolutely stunning pics sweetie & it’s so great you managed to get out and spend some time in Montreal (+ catch up with a friend). Awww, hon… what did the doctor say though? What is your fatigue related to? Is it work? Maybe you don’t get enough sleep all the time?
    What did he/she recommend?
    Thinking about you babe & sending lots of love.
    xox Nadia

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