If you read my last blog post, you know I missed my trip to Ireland because I got the flu… Although I wasn’t 100% better, I found myself with all this free time on my hands.  When the opportunity to work a shift with a Hawaii layover with my best friend came up, I had to take it! I was determined to make it my fake little 24 hour tropical holiday!
When we got in, it was late and we were exhausted from the long flight across the Pacific. Still, we dragged ourselves to the corner store to get some wine. Much to our dismay, it was closed when we got there! SO rude! We decided at that point we weren’t giving up so we walked back to the hotel and sucked it up with the exorbitant resort priced drinks! I decided to just go with the flow… (literally, I ordered a Lava Flow!) and not think of the prices.. I mean I was on holiday right? Two drinks later ($24 US, which is about $700 Canadian!) I was feeling fine (slightly poorer!) and ready to hit the hay.
I woke up happy and ready to take on the day! My friend and I had side by side rooms and I texted her when I woke up and said is it nice out? She said it looks nice out. I opened my balcony blinds to find black skies and monsoon winds. I said dude, it’s not nice out, I’m going back to sleep! She said NO you’re not. Get up! We are going to have an adventure and take pictures. I said no one wants to see me frolicking around in a storm, but off we went…
We went for a walk and got absolutely soaked! So much for my nice 24 hour tropical Hawaiian vacation! There was not a single other person outside on the beach or by the pool area. After a failed attempt at a swim in the ocean, we were freezing so we found refuge in the hot tub!
We spent about an hour in the hot tub because there really wasn’t anything else to do.  As we were getting out, I casually noticed a condom wrapper beside the tub. OMG grossssssss! We had just spent an hour in there and I had even dunked my head in! Needless to say, our hot tub adventure was over!
Moral of the story is, don’t believe everything you see on Instagram! I just had to come clean and show you what my life is really like sometimes! Just don’t forget… I can edit a photo to make it look like a nice warm wonderful day when in reality I’m a shivering, drowned rat who just had a bath in condom water…


21 thoughts on “I’m sorry I’ve been lying to you…”

  1. Oh my word….I can’t believe what you found beside the hot tub in Hawaii !! We eeeks lol ! And by the way…we alll edit our photos…we are simply enhancing, not lying 😉 xoxo. Great post babe!



  2. kyla you’re so funny! love that you are always real about your posts. Many people think that traveling is all fun and games, but we all have ups and downs even when we are on “vacation” I’m glad that you are still able to travel to and enjoy a bit of hawaii while you were there. 🙂

    whitney v


  3. There is an account of Insta created by a fellow blogger where she and others share the reality behind the photos. 100 takes before one perfect pic. Unedited goodness for one perfectly displayed shot. So yeah, sometimes it’s great to open up about these things. Thanks for showing us the reality of your little trip babe. Too bad it wasn’t great & ewww at your beside-the-tub find. And great job on still getting out!! 😀 Being selfish here but hoping you will come & visit NI soon :*
    xox Nadia

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