So it was a typical Saturday afternoon for me as I was laying around cuddling my cat being the crazy single cat lady that I am. Valentine’s Day Shmalentine’s Day I thought to myself as I shoved Ferraro Rochers in my mouth. Being single sucks sometimes and I can get caught up in getting bummed out about it and feeling sorry for myself. Not today I thought! I’m a strong, independent woman! So I painted my nails red, put on a cute red top and decided to play around with some of my new makeup and create a cute, simple, Valentine’s Day inspired look!

Younique red lips

 Now I know I said I wouldn’t be one of those pushy people that tried to force you to buy makeup from me but seriously guys, it’s a no brainer. Once you get the presenter kit, you get 20% off all future orders. Introducing my friends to some of the great products has already more than paid for all my makeup. Free makeup people! Who doesn’t love that??? If you have any questions or want to sign up, message me anytime! Oh and in the meantime I’ll be over here singing my anthem … All the single ladies… All the single ladies… Uh uh ohhhhh
 Younique products used…
Touch glorious face primer
Touch mineral liquid foundation in organza (using the powder puff brush)
Touch mineral perfecting concealer in organza
Addiction Shadow Palette #4
Splurge cream shadow in extravagant (with the cream shadow brush)
Beachfront bronzer in hermosa
Moodstruck opulence lipstick in stinkin’ rich
Moods truck precision pencil lip liner in primal
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Non Younique products!
Anatasia Beverly Hills browwiz pencil
Kat Von D tattoo liner

14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day inspired makeup look!”

  1. Kyla! This is such a beautiful makeup tutorial ! I can’t wait to try this out:) BTW – that lip color you’re wearing is absolutely stunning, I can’t wait to one day try those Younique products ! xoxo


  2. I can’t believe how well that foundation blends! I am so excited to receive my package! Love this makeup look so much! Perfect v-day look for sure!

  3. I love your video! I am dying to try the foundation – I’ve heard amazing things! I hope you have an amazing week my gorgeous friend! xoxo

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