Makeup was my first love. When I pictured myself doing some sort of side business, it was always surrounding makeup. I’ve toyed with the idea of taking makeup courses and filming makeup tutorials for as long as I can remember, but I’ve never had the confidence to actually follow through with it! ! If the idea of filming makeup looks scared me then the idea of selling makeup HORRIFIED me! I’m not a product pusher or a born saleswoman (I know my strengths and weaknesses!) So when my friend approached me about trying Younique my literal reaction was HELLLLLL NOOOOO. But the more I learned about the makeup, and the business side of it, I started to warm up to the idea…

younique makeup

I accomplished so much in 2016 and I’m so proud of myself but I knew, in 2017,  it was time to push myself even further. I can’t tell you how I feel every time I think about making videos and putting myself on camera. It just sort of makes me want to throw up to be honest, but life begins at the end of your comfort zone right? Right? RIGHT? So why did I choose Younique? Well, I had heard good things about the quality of their products and after reading a billion articles and reviews, I decided to buy the “presenter” kit. Basically worse case scenario, if I chickened out, I had still gotten $337 worth of makeup and skin care products for $119 CAN ($99 USD)!
younique makeup
When I received the kit it was like Christmas! My love for makeup came flooding back to me! So much stuff to play with! I’ll be honest, some of the stuff I absolutely loved while some stuff I wasn’t crazy about. I’ve since added to my collection and I’m excited to be able to use and represent something I actually really love and use on a daily basis. Now that I’m part of the Younique “family”, I get a 20% discount off all future orders (and make commission if anyone buys of course!) No recruiting pressures, no auto shipments, no monthly quotas… just professional grade, high quality, paraben, sulphate, and talc free makeup that isn’t tested on animals!

younique makeup

Now that I have all this new makeup to try and share, I have no excuse but to step out of my comfort zone and start trying out (and filming!) some new looks for you guys! Please bear with me as I venture into this new crazy world and if you ever have any questions about any of the products or about joining the company please don’t hesitate to ask me! Don’t worry I won’t be that pushy weirdo trying to get you guys to sign up or buy stuff! I am by no means a makeup expert so I’m just going to have fun with this and if I make some money on the side well then RIGHT ON!!!

Younique makeup

How about you guys? Are you venturing into anything new for 2017??


17 thoughts on “I like long romantic walks… to the makeup aisle!”

  1. I have seen and read a few reviews and it definitely stands out babe!! You look amazing & your makeup skills are so fab!! I love makeup but I don’t think I am overly creative with it (maybe that’s one of the million things I need to add to my to-do list in 2017) 🙂
    Well done & good luck, sweetie!!!! <3
    xox Nadia

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