I’ve been a crazy cat lady… I mean HAT lady (okay both!) for as long as I can remember! I’m going to show you some different styles of how to wear my favourite go to accessory and share with you the many reasons I have a hat obsession! (the number one reason might surprise you!)

Faux leather hat

The ball cap- Probably the one I wear the most, I have an array of sports team ball caps kicking around! Basketball, baseball, hockey… I kind of always worry someone will ask me something about the specific sports team I’m wearing and I’ll have to admit I’m just a wannabe/band wagon fan and just like wearing the hats!

faux leather ball cap

I recently decided to class up my ball cap wearing ways by buying a faux leather version which has been my go to these days! (Even though I kind of feel like Magic Mike when I wear if for some reason!) I love these types of hats because most of them have an open back that you can throw your ponytail through the hole or rock a side braid like I always do!

beach hat or sun hat

The sun hat/beach hat- I didn’t own a sun hat until maybe two years ago! I was a sun worshipper and wanted maximum rays to hit my face at all times. Well, I’m paying the price for that now! I was diagnosed with melasma (a skin pigmentation disorder) and have been wearing sun hats EVERY time I’m in the sun from that point on.


It’s actually the reason I wear hats almost every single day because I’m so self conscious of my uneven skin tone and the darkening spots on my face! Hats do double duty for me as they protect me from the sun, and hide the uneven skin I’m uncomfortable showing. ( I know you’re probably rolling your eyes but hey we all have our insecurities right?) These hats are especially important when you’re travelling and spending hours outside exploring new exciting places! I almost always pick one up from a local stand when I’m travelling Europe!

floppy felt hat

The floppy hat- These hats have recently become high rotation items in my wardrobe! They are perfect for fall, and I feel they really bring an outfit together! Not to mention they help shield you from the rain, the wind and the snow!

floppy wool hat

These hats come in a wide variety of fabrics from wool to felt to suede! There are obviously the basics in black, grey, and brown but I’ve seen them in olive and even burgundy!

beach and sun hat

One hat I can’t pull off? The beanie! (or as us Canadians like to call it, the toque!)  I think my hat is too giant or my face is too round or something but it just doesn’t look quite right on me!

Do you guys love hats as much as I do? What’s your fave style to rock?

Shop my favourite hats at H & M, Forever 21 and Express! I’ve linked some of my favourite below!

20 thoughts on “Why I’m a crazy “hat” lady!”

  1. Have you tried a faux fur hat like the one from the movie Doctor Zhivago? I love mine…. it doesn’t mess up your hair as much as a toque ????????

  2. I love all of these hats on you! I’m late to the game, but I am obsessing over the floppy hat right now. Kind of the perfect accessory for fall!!

  3. Haha I can totally relate to you with the sports team hats! I never want to get stopped, I always hate when I’m wearing like an LA hate for example and a giants fan boos me and I forget I’m wearing that hat! Haha

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