When I started my blog in January, I had no idea what I was doing! (I still don’t most days!) Never in a million years did I think I would have the opportunity to work with some of the amazing companies I’ve been lucky enough to partner with! So when Suzy Shier asked me if I wanted to be a brand ambassador for them, I couldn’t contain my excitement! I knew this collaboration would be effortless and tons of fun as I’ve always loved their feminine beautiful clothes (in fact much of my wardrobe is already filled with pieces from there!)
Since moving to Vancouver, I hadn’t been to Stanley Park once. Not once. (I know… I’m already ashamed enough!) My photographer friend has asked me multiple times throughout the summer but I’ve been happy to just chill out in my little Vancouver bubble since I’ve moved! With some new pieces from Suzy Shier, we FINALLY headed out to one of the most beautiful parks in the world to explore it in all it’s autumn splendor!


When we got to the park I just kept saying “Let’s stop here, it’s so pretty…. oh look over there it’s so pretty!” Have you guys been to Stanley Park?? It truly is magnificent! The seawall along the ocean to one side and the big cascading trees on the other side with all the different fall shades, a photo shoot dream!
The first item, we shot was this amazing poncho (which I had actually bought for myself LAST year but still totally love!) It’s got fringe, it’s warm, it’s cute, what’s not to love and last time I checked, it was 30% off! What??? (You guys may have also noticed my hair looks different in this post! I’m in a “transitional” phase so stay tuned!)
The second look we shot was another item I already owned (see I told you I loved them!) This long cardigan is so cozy and gorgeous I actually ended up buying it for my sister AND my cousin because I loved it so much! It’s perfect for fall and for layering and while this exact one isn’t in stock anymore, they have very similar styles!
My third look, and probably my favourite was this gorgeous blouse! (it’s pink and girlie and flowery of course it’s my fave!) I didn’t even try this on when I picked it out and as soon as I put it on, I didn’t want to take it off! You know how some pieces of clothing just speak to you? This blouse does that for me! (available in stores and online now! www.suzyshier.com)
For my last look, I styled this beautiful slouchy sweater with this oversized gold zipper detail. This sweater is so comfortable, I actually didn’t take it off for the rest of the day! I wanted to do a business type look… strong, powerful, girl boss… so I paired it with this fitted leather pencil skirt (from Ireland sorry!) that had been sitting in my closet for ages!
For the record, Suzy Shier didn’t ask me to write a blog post as part of our collaboration together, I was just so excited to share these looks and the beautiful pictures from the park with all of you!
What are some of your favourite pieces you’ve been loving this fall???
 All photos are credited to the amazing, Rory Coomey of www.rorycoomeyphotography.com

37 thoughts on “The hottest fall fashion with Suzy Shier!”

  1. I absolutely love the fringe poncho! Ok, I love it all, but that piece really caught my eye. It totally makes me in the mood for fall!

  2. So proud of you Kyla!!! You have done amazing things with this blog, and your dedication to it. All your fashion and make up tips and tricks are spot on! Congrats on this new venture with Suzy Shier! I am sure it is one of the many fantastic adventures coming your way. xoxo

  3. You are really beautiful and I sooo love your style. You can really mix colors and not just stick to dark “fall” colors. Love your style, Kyla!

  4. You look so gorgeous in all the looks!!! I have only been to Vancouver once and it rained the whole time we were there πŸ™ We walked through a little of Stanly Park but it wasn’t so fun in the rain! Can’t wait to get back to your gorgeous city soon!!!


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