Is two nights in paradise really enough? Well no… but beggars can’t be choosers right? And 2 days is 1 day longer than the normal ONE DAY I get when I go with work. Even though I’m so fortunate to get to visit Maui, Hawaii on layovers, I never really have enough time to explore and enjoy myself! Soooo with the benefit of the cheap flights, the time off, and a gracious friend to stay with, I decided to treat myself to a little 2 day vacay!
Day 1- After landing late the night before (the 6 hour flight plus the time change :/) I was fairly exhausted. People who know me, know that the sloth is my spirit animal, and I tend to live a rather leisurely lifestyle (lazy) but I’m trying to get better! Maui had been SOOOOOO windy the last few times I’ve been there so after a failed beach attempt (sandblasted) I settled for the pool!
After the strenuousness of laying by the pool (??), my friend suggested mango martinis at Nick’s Fishmarket bar at the Fairmont Kea Lani. We sat at the bar for happy hour and let me tell you… these martinis are AMAZING! They use real mangoes so it’s not just all sugary yuckiness. The prices were super reasonable (considering it’s the Fairmont!), so much so that we even decided to eat there! We grabbed a couple of small items off the happy hour menu and they were super delicious!
The restaurant is open concept and beautiful and while we waited for our food, we ran down to the beach to catch the most unbelievable, glorious sunset! Honestly, all the sunsets in Hawaii are stunning, but I felt so lucky to experience this one at just the perfect moment.
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Day 2- Anyone who has been to Maui knows the road to Hana is a must do when you are there! One of the most breathtaking drives in the world, there are delights at every corner!

Waterfalls, black sand beaches and  private pools in caves, how could I not have had the best day?? (even despite the tummy issues!) Is it sad though that my favourite part of the day was making best friends with a random stray cat??? (anyone who knows me won’t really be shocked by that!)
After the long scenic drive, we stopped at the Monkey Pod for some food and no word of a lie THE BEST MAI TAIS I’ve ever had. I don’t even like Mai Tais and these were unreal. Seriously… GO!
Other points of interest!
Have breakfast at Cafe Le Plage
Shop at Mahina
Snorkel at Molokini
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Maui is my favourite of the four Hawaiian islands I’ve been to and I’m so lucky I have a job that allows me to go there so often! Have you guys been? What’s your favourite island??

25 thoughts on “What to do on a short trip to Maui!”

  1. I love Maui!!! Obviously not ONLY because that is where my amazing fiancé proposed, but for all the things it is. The things you cant explain. I loved not having a schedule, but still managing to get so much done. Maui was exactly what I wanted Hawaii to be.

  2. It sounds like you had such a great time in Maui! After our trip to Kauai Hawaii is all we can talk about for our next trip!! Fingers crossed it is sooner rather than later!! ???

  3. You have some beautiful photos of paradise. What a wonderful two days you must have had there! I love the stray cat because I’m such a cat lover!

  4. These photos are stunning! I have never been to Hawaii, but it is definitely on my bucket list…one day, two days, 30 days..I’m not picky!

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