Let’s be honest, shopping for pants can be a NIGHTMARE! To make the experience more fun, Ricki’s is launching a new pant marketing campaign called “What’s Your Pantsonality?” where each of their pant leg shapes has its own ‘personality’ (Super Slim aka Sassy Pants, Slim aka Fancy Pants, Straight aka Smarty Pants, and Bootcut aka Bossy Pants). When I checked out the different styles, I realized I was a Super Slim/SASSY PANTS (shocking I know!) Together with Ricki’s I created a workwear look to show off my new SASSY pants!
(outfit was provided by Ricki’s. All opinions, thoughts and photos are mine!)
I chose a classic black pair in the super slim fit and some of you may think, how boring and to be honest, I toyed with the idea of trying a different colour but there is something to be said about a good fitting, classic pair of black pants. With the pants as my staple, I started to build my perfect workwear look! Seeing as I don’t work a typical office job, I put together a look I would use to travel on a business trip and what better place to shoot the look than my “office”… the airport!
When I opened the Ricki’s website, the very first item that popped up in the display was basically the prettiest blazer I’ve ever seen. I fell in love with the faux leather sleeves and the rich wine colour, both so in for fall! I thought done… that was easy! Then I started scrolling through all the clothes and started seeing blouses, sweater dresses, blazers… I wanted them all! Okay focus… back to the pants, the jacket, and to complete the look, a simple ruffle hem black blouse!
To add a little “flair”, I had to have a glitter drop statement necklace and of course, cat-eye ombré sunglasses! When it all showed up, and I put it all on together, I was pretty satisfied with my look! I felt very professional but with the little added details, it still totally felt like my style!
The pants themselves are so comfortable because the material has the perfect stretch to them but the fact that they are such a skinny leg means I can tuck them into a little bootie or even a knee high boot without any issues (again, perfect for fall!)
I love me some jeans, don’t get me wrong, but I like to class it up when I fly and these pants, and the entire outfit are perfect for travelling. When you mix style with comfort you can never go wrong… and besides, you never know when you’ll get that upgrade to business class!
What do you think ladies? What’s your “Pantsonality”? You can find out by taking the quiz at and enter to win your very own pair of gorgeous dress pants! Make sure to check out their Facebook page —> RICKI’S 
Pants, jacket, blouse, sunglasses and necklace available at My beautiful leather tote was a gift from my amazing friend at
 All photos are credited to the insanely, amazing, Rory Coomey of

53 thoughts on “Finding the perfect work pants!”

  1. I will be sure to check them out! I seem to be having an issue where my proportions are slightly off on most mainstream pants brands

  2. What an awesome campaigner idea!! It’s true pant shopping is almost as bad as swimsuits shopping. Omg that blazer and OMG those shoes with those pants!!!! I gotta check out these super slim sassy pants. 🙂

  3. Even though these are your “sassy pants” I would definitely say you look super classy too! The blazer has the most fun color and those leather sleeves are dynamite. Super great look 🙂

    Stephanie //

  4. Can I be you when I grow up? (Confession, I’m still in maternity jeans- waist bands are not my friend currently) Maybe owning an awesome pair of pants like this is the motivation I need to make-up with real pants!

  5. Oh surprisingly my “pantsonality” is the same 😉 I like how you combined classy black top and pants with flirty neckllace and high hills, you look stunning! And I will definitely buy something at Ricki’s 🙂

  6. Love the pants…would have picked the same ones too! Gorgeous outfits in general. Love your unique and comfortable traveling outfit. Will definitively be checking Ricki’s out as well 🙂

  7. LOVED this post and your recommendations, sweetie!! Your outfit is so on point, darling. I definitely agree with you – it’s not easy to find the right pair! That’s why I find it a nightmare to shop for pants online. I need to try them on, otherwise it might be a total disappointment. Looking fab, as always, cutie!
    xox Nadia

  8. Your outfit is awesome and definitely my “Pantsoality!” I HATE shopping for pants as I have wide hips and a teensy waist – the fun hourglass. I also usually need to get mine shortened. Love the burgundy heels too!

  9. That is awesome! I hate pant shopping. Luckily my office is jean friendly, but before this was implemented I had the hardest time finding pants. They’re either too big, too short, or they just feel weird. I still want a pair to wear for meetings though when I need to look more professional. You look gorgeous and I love what you picked!! You’re the most beautiful sassy pants I know ?


  10. That’s a nice outfit! Pants are really hard to shop for. Especially when you have curves. I’ll have to take the quiz and see what my style would be for Ricki!

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