This blog post is LONG overdue because it’s easily the thing I get asked about the most, (besides maybe my job!) my GREY HAIR! Bear with me because there is SO much information and I want to make sure I cover everything. I’ll start by saying this post isn’t sponsored, these are the products and methods I actually use and have had success with. Disclaimer before we start, this is the HIGHEST maintenance colour out there! I thought long and hard about going grey and did my research, and I advise you to do the same. It is a COMMITMENT and while the results can be gorgeous it’s a lot of work. On that note, here we go!
Step one- Bleach the crap out of your hair! Seriously. The whiter and lighter the better and prepare yourself for mass damage, hair loss and tears. My hair is naturally dark brown, but I am basically platinum under the grey and unfortunately, it’s really the only way to have a solid bright grey. Please please please if you can, see a hairdresser for this! If you really trust your skills, go for it, but to get the lightest possible with the least amount of damage, find an amazing hairdresser you trust. (Check out their past work if you can or go in for a consultation.) Going this light has to be done in steps too and it took me a long time to get where I am. Patience is a virtue my friends!
Step two- Toner! Now my hairdresser comes up with some crazy concoction of her own when I’m at the salon so I have no idea what she uses but she’s a genius. (Check her out on Instagram @hairbyamberjoy) In between sessions, I’ve thrown on the Pravana toner in silver which my hairdresser gets for me or you can order on Amazon! It’s the one that works the best (in my opinion) and the greatest part about it is you don’t have to mix it with a developer. It goes on dry hair leave it on for 20 minutes rinse it out, boom, grey (more like a dark purple at first but fades to the prettiest grey) I also used it once on my hair when it was darker and it worked okay so you can try it if you want. (No damage and my hair feels soft after!)
Step three- Purple shampoo and conditioner! Essential for keeping grey hair! I usually wash my hair with purple shampoo every time I wash it but it does dry my hair out quite a bit. When my hair doesn’t have much toner in it and I use the purple shampoo, my hair has occasionally gone lilac… so if you’re ok with that, leave it on for as long as you want! My all time favourite purple shampoo (and I’ve tried them all!) is Senscience true hue violet shampoo. Pravana also makes an amazing purple mask called The Perfect Blonde purple toning masque which is great for keeping my hair grey and helps with the damage. Both these products are also AMAZING for keeping your blonde super super ashy and white and getting rid of the nasty brassiness and yellowness.
Step four- “Old lady” rinse! I shouldn’t call it “old lady” rinse but I really don’t know how else to describe it! As far as I know, ladies who are naturally grey use this rinse to keep their grey shiny. It’s called Fanci-full and the color is Silver Lining. I came across a few postings about this product when I was doing my research and honestly guys, it’s the weirdest thing but actually amazing. I used this for my grey when I had darker hair and it was the only thing that worked so I would say if you were going to try anything, start with this! I wash and condition my hair and then I just pour this stuff all over my head. It’s very runny and messy so be careful. I go crazy with it and just pour it on all over. Even though people call it a rinse, you DON’T WASH IT OUT! Your hair will be sopping wet after so I just give it a partial blow dry so I’m not dripping everywhere. This will wash out and run if it gets wet so watch out for your clothes and your pillowcases!
Even though grey hair takes so much work, I absolutely love it and get multiple comments on it on a daily basis. While it’s so hard to achieve, the results are unfortunately very temporary, and I have to upkeep it EVERY TIME I wash my hair. The upside to that is, because it’s only temporary, you can try it out and it’ll just wash out and you’ll be back to what you were beforehand! What do you guys think? Have you tried to go grey or thinking of doing it in the future? If you have any other questions let me know!

51 thoughts on “How to get grey hair!”

  1. Your hair is seriously amazing, but I bet you hear that quite often. Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks here, I know so many girls who want to achieve this colour. I would love to in my dreams! My hair is wayy too dark and damages easily so I always admire the beauty when others can achieve this look.

  2. So…this is amazing. When I first started following you, I used to wonder why your hair was gray, but I obvi couldn’t come out and ask you haha. Thanks for this great post!

  3. I have to laugh because when I saw the title of this post, I assumed it would be something like, “how to do ALL the things that stress you out so you go gray early!”

    But gray – whether due to stress or done purposely – looks GREAT on you!

  4. as someone who has legit going grey since they were 16 I can’t say I love the new grey hair trend, but it has given me a little confidence to maybe let my greys out.

  5. I know from experience how hard the grey hair is to maintain. Kudos to you for keeping it up for so long. 🙂 The fancy-full is the best way to try out the grey hair trend without the commitment.

  6. This is my first trip to your blog and first impression: stunning! Your header is to die for! Then your hair! I’m trying to take the plunge into something fun and fabulous for my hair now that I don’t “go to work” traditionally each day, anymore! LOVE everything about this post!

  7. I’ve always loved your hair colour. Thanks for expressing the maintenance, when I did bright red, I hadn’t done my research and I had to fix every few weeks!

  8. I am head over heels for your grey locks, sweets!! You look so gorgeous & the shade couldn’t look more perfect <3 I have started properly experimenting with my hair colour about 6 years ago and without me planning on it I went blonde haha. I love it though & it's hard to imagine going back to darker shades. Grey though… I am so considering grey 😉 Thanks for sharing all the tips, lovely!! Lots of them sound exactly like hair care for blonde hair. No no to brassy tones 😀
    xox Nadia

  9. It’s stunning!! How long have you kept up all these steps? You really carry it well, you’ve got the face to pull it off, so cover girl! I’ve always been scared to bleach the deal out of my hair for fear it would be straw like, but seems like the products you suggested would do the trick. Great post!

  10. Oh my gosh, your hair is so stunning! I wish I could go gray, but my hair goes so brassy so quick no matter what even when dying with something a blue base. The struggle! I’ll just admire your beautiful hair for now. 😉

  11. your hair is seriously awesome! some how you’ve convinced me grey hair is actually really cool! and honestly it looks stunning on you!! xoxo

  12. I absolutely love this post, because this is something I’ve seen so many people do and never knew how! Though I have to admit the moment I read the title of the article my brain went “I can tell you how, have kids!” haha. Great article!

  13. Love your grey hair as well, looks so good on you. I don’t think I could pull it of but I love it so much on you. I use the purple shampoo as well and love it. Great post Kyla.

    Aurela xoxo

  14. Thanks a lot for sharing! I had no idea some of these products existed! You are doing a great job kepping your hair healthy after so much treatment. Do you use any oils? It helps my hair to not dry out and stay more shiny.


  15. I’ve always been curious about this process. I love how you highlighted both the pros and cons of maintaining gray hair. You look absolutely gorgeous with it!

    Commented 🙂

  16. Hi, can this be done in one session? Like can I bleach the hair and then put a grey/silver toner in and be done?

  17. How do you do your roots? Do these steps due the roots? I have been grey for about a month now and not sure how to handle my roots.

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