Can you believe we are already through the first week of August??? I can’t and I think I’m in denial! Summer has been amazing so far, and I’m hoping the warm weather sticks around long into September! I’ve found some pretty cool pieces this summer that have definitely added to my happiness, and I thought I would share them with you!



Do you ever find a product and wonder how you ever lived without it? Well that’s kind of how I feel about this innovative, incredible solar powered charging backpack from Birksun. Unfortunately I’m more attached to my phone than I’d like to admit ??  and I’m constantly running around trying to find an outlet to charge my ever dying phone. Portable chargers are great but what if you had a portable charger that also doubled as a carry on bag?? I brought this backpack to Europe with me recently and it was so awesome knowing I had a charger with me on the plane, on the bus and even on the beach! All it takes is 20 minutes in the sun and it’s fully charged up and ready to save the day again. How amazing is that? (Shop some other cool solar phone chargers here!)



My second super sweet summer find is actually something I’m so excited about I can’t stop smiling every time I look at it! My colourful, amazing round towel from Rollo Towel Co!! I’ve wanted a round towel ever since I found out they existed and the colours in this one are so vibrant and the material is so soft! The fact that it doubles as a towel and a blanket is just ingenuous really! I seriously just snuggle it all day and take it everywhere with me. I think I might have a problem…



Last but not least, my new fave summer tank top is from an amazing company called Arm The Animals. They make super cute pieces to help raise awareness and funds for animal rescues! I wanted every tank and t-shirt they had, but I settled on the grey “I would rather rescue animals” tank top because let’s be honest, I really would rather rescue animals all day! I rescued my cat from a no kill shelter 14 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made! (Thanks to the random girl at the beach who let me borrow her wicked awesome dog for this photo op…I have no shame clearly…)

All the photos are credited to the amazing Rory Coomey! Make sure you check out his work and show him some love! He’s seriously so talented and such an absolute pleasure to work with!
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45 thoughts on “Summer favourites!”

  1. That tank top is cute!! I didn’t rescue any of my pets, but if we ever get another animal I will definitely rescue one. Then I can sport that cute top!! ?

  2. These are great picks for favorites! I really like that backpack. Cute, functional, and uses solar power. Doesn’t get better than that. Looked like a fun photoshoot a well. 🙂

      1. Girl I need a backpack like that. Did you know my fiancé works for a Solar Power company? But the sell the panels to government back in London. I seriously need a back like this, I am like you I am always looking to charge my phone. I love the towel as well but my preference would be back and white as 🙂 That dog looks scary but so cute. Hope you had a fab time in Europe. We should met before the summer ends.
        Aurela xoxo

  3. your pictures and outfits are amazing along with the post, my favourite should be the one where you have a double image of yourself in one, it has this calm and free nature of a loving and blessed lady.. you slayed the outfits.

  4. Wow, backpack is really an amazing idea!! Love it! And I love the towel, too. I wanted to ask some questions about the dog, but, shoot, it’s not yours…

  5. You know what, I got that backpack and was so excited to take it with me on a trip to Phuket and it didn’t work as great as I thought it would. It would charge my iphone about 15% more than what it was initially and then simply stabilize it. Maybe I need to try a different brand but yours looks super cute!

    Danielle | <3 <3

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