Hi lovelies! I thought I would throw together a quick fashion post for you guys! Unique cutouts have been in style for a while now and it doesn’t look like they are going away any time soon! Some of my favourite wardrobe pieces have cutouts, and I wanted to show you a few examples of how you can rock this awesome trend!
Side cutouts- My first experiment with cutouts was the side ones when I picked up a few dresses with them in Ireland a few years ago. I think they’re really cute on the sides and add a great, feminine shape to a dress!

Centre cutouts- If you’re feeling adventurous you could always get a piece with centre or try multiple cutouts! This really feminine dress is a perfect example of taking a girlie dress and just adding a little bit of sexiness!


Shoulder cutouts- If you want to get in on the trend but don’t want to show too much skin, shoulder cutouts are a great way to do that!image

Keyhole cutouts- Probably the easiest way to ease in to cutouts is with a keyhole. It’s just adding a little bit of interest to a piece without being too risky! Also trying it in a top instead of a dress is a nice easy way to rock the trend. Express has tons of cute tops  and dresses with cutouts!image

Do you love cutouts? What’s your favourite way to rock the trend?


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