You know you’re sick when you turn the heat on in Hawaii! I was really looking forward to my Maui layover but unfortunately the cold I was fighting caught up with me. I managed to crawl out of bed, eventually, because I needed to eat and wanted to take advantage of the beautiful scenery to show off some of my new favourite outfits!
Lucky for me, I didn’t have far to go once I did start my day. The Maui Coast Hotel is a beautiful hotel, situated in Kihei, and I love staying here. Even though it’s not right on the beach like some of the other hotels, it’s in the heart of a little area of the island which has everything you could ever need. Cute little clothing stores (including my favourite Mahina), cafes and restaurants (check out Kihei Caffe) and even grocery stores (including the amazing health food store Hawaiian Moons).
My friend and I ate breakfast at the hotel restaurant (I couldn’t manage anything further!), and I wore my cute little sundress from Vintage Meets Boho Boutique (use code “VIBES” for 20% off or “can” for free shipping to Canada!) This dress is perfect for Hawaii and blends in amazingly with the beautiful surroundings. Maui is of course full of stunning flowers and we found some picturesque spots on the hotel grounds.
After breakfast my friend and I headed to the beach. I was super excited to wear my new Whisper white dress from Smosh Boutique. They’re an Australian based company and I genuinely love everything they carry. All their clothes are super feminine and totally suit my style.
 After going in the water briefly (I thought it might make me feel better but it didn’t) I changed into my comfy racer back dress, that I’ve been living in lately, and my all time favourite neon bralette! Both are from Express (as is the majority of my wardrobe!)
After all that excitement, I was feeling pretty crummy again and unfortunately had to head back to my room to try and rest up before the red eye home. Hopefully next time I’m in Hawaii my health cooperates so I can enjoy the island in all it’s glory like I normally do!

29 thoughts on “Maui layover with the flu!”

  1. You lucky girl! Love all your cute dresses, they are so cute to wear when you are on vocation! Hopefully one day will meet since you live in Vancouver 🙂

  2. Sorry you weren’t feeling great for your Maui layover! Your pictures look amazing and all your outfits are beautiful!

  3. Babe these photos are AMAZING! I’m so jealous that you get to travel so much as a flight attendant, and really admire that you’re able to keep up with your blog and Instagram at the same time. Hope you’re feeling loads better now… the flu sucks! 🙁 xoxo, sharon

  4. I’m so sorry that you didn’t feel well during your Maui layover, I hope you’re feeling better now! I’m so glad we’ve connected through our blogs now, which is awesome, since it’s more personal than Instagram! I’ve been wanting to visit Maui for the longest time because a lot of people that I know who travel a lot say that it’s the most beautiful place they’ve been to. I don’t know if you have a post on this, but since you travel for a living, I’d LOVE to know you’re top 5 or 10 favorite places you’ve traveled, that’d be AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous and I hope you’re having the best week so far!



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