Whenever anyone asks me why my teeth are so white, I always say the same thing. They’re not! Clearly I can’t see what other people see, and though I’m not as obsessed with teeth whitening as I used to be, I definitely have a few favourite methods that I thought I would share with you guys!
Crest Extra Whitening Toothpaste- I have been using this toothpaste basically since I knew it existed, and I definitely credit it with not only whitening my teeth, but also maintaining their whiteness! I use this toothpaste everyday, day and night, because I like it so much. Best part is, I don’t find it causes any sensitivity!
Crest Whitestrips Sticking with the Crest theme, I’ve been using these off and on basically since they came out. Crest whitestrips are little strips that adhere to your teeth for 30 minutes to an hour based, on what formula you buy. I hadn’t used them in years and recently purchased them with a gift card (thanks granny!) Of course I had to go OVER BOARD and buy the extra ultra super duper ridiculous whitening ones. After a few days of using these, my teeth were so sensitive I couldn’t continue. These have worked great for me in the past, and I think if I had bought a gentler formula I could have finished them. Lesson learned! They really do work though, I can attest to that!
Sunnasmile– Last but not least, I was recently lucky enough to be able to try a Sunnasmile LED light activated home whitening kit courtesy of the lovely people at OrganicTan Winnipeg (visit them for all-natural, flawless airbrush spray tanning!). I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of people on Instagram and various other places with this weird glowing light coming out of their mouths and thought does that actually work? Well let me tell you, it does! After my first 15 minute session I noticed a difference right away. My biggest surprise and delight was absolutely NO pain or sensitivity.  The at home kit is enamel safe and comes with Sunnasmile’s professional strength Xyliprox gel, the LED light, detachable tray, travel case and an extra battery. You can use it whenever you want, as often as you want, until you achieve your ideal shade! You can purchase one online at Sunnasmile.com (get 10% off your orders with code spring10) or head to Organic Tan and pick one up there!
Hope one of these works for you if you were looking to try something new! Keep smiling my lovelies!✈️❤️
(Shirt is from Express)

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  1. Omg your teeth are super white! I got mine whitened at the dentist they gave me a 30 day kit and it was the biggest waste of money ever. Then I bought the crest strips and they are amazing but not long lasting for me my teeth always go back to their original colour if I don’t keep them up. I am definitely buying the crest toothpaste as my next purchase and I am intrigued by Sunnasmile too, do you know if they are available in the UK? Also thanks for stopping by my blog – you’re a sweetheart!

    Kumbear Xo

    1. Hi! I think sunnasmile ships worldwide! I would assume they do and the toothpaste is seriously amazing! Good luck!

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