Here’s a fun fact about me… I don’t like jeans. Yep. I said it. For as long as I can remember I just haven’t been a huge fan of them. I sometimes wear super loose fitting jeggings but let’s be honest, those are just glorified leggings AND they do nothing for my figure! So when Ricki’s reached out and asked me if I wanted to try their Democracy “Ab”solution Booty Lift Jean, I was intrigued!
I still had my doubts that I could find a pair of jeans that I liked so staying within my comfort zone, I chose the Jegging version of them (hey old habits die hard!) When I put them on, the first thing I noticed was how well that fit my “assets”, while still being incredibly soft, stretchy and COMFORTABLE which is usually my issue with jeans! They’re made with super stretch denim and have slimming panels built in to mold, hold and boost your booty! A hidden inner elastic waistband for a no-gap waist, mesh panels for tummy control and strategically placed pockets, is there anything these jeans don’t have??!
I chose the in the dark wash because I find dark wash jeans to be so versatile and classy! You can wear them with a flat or a heel and they look great with both.
 I finished off my outfit with one of my fave Ricki’s tops the Henley pocket tank and and the knit boyfriend blazer! These two are staple items in my wardrobe because well, let’s be honest, I’m obsessed with pink and you can never have too many versatile blazers!
 I was definitely a skeptic that I would like these jeans but I was really impressed with the way they felt and after I saw the pictures I realized they really did enhance my shape much more than the baggy unfitted jeggings I usually wear! What do you think? Am I “booty”ful???

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13 thoughts on “Good genes or good jeans??? You decide!

  1. I ordered these jeans in the dark wash online but they haven’t arrived yet. I’m hoping they fit me perfectly cause I always have the issue that they fit everywhere except gaping in the waist.

  2. They look great in buy my jeans at that store all the time and at cleo also. But right now I’m having issues with my weight. I need a size double 00 and need to see if all possible if they can order that size in for me. My size 0 are to big now not that I want to loose more weight but I have a health issue that doesn’t permit me to eat or drink by mouth. So I hope they can continue to help me with my size. I love there jeans. They look great on you enjoy them.

  3. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is really tough for me too which is why I usually live in leggings if I wear long pants! Miss itty bitty booty over here just can’t fit into jeans without looking awkward most of the time… LOL. You are rocking this pair though and I wish that I could find one that would fit me just right. I’m seriously like a 000 or 00 for jeans and not many stores make these sizes except for Hollister, Abercrombie, and American Eagle here in the US. Those are my go-to places to do jean shopping if I must. Occasionally I’ll find another brand and fall in love but that’s pretty rare! lol 😉 xo, sharon

  4. Oohhh I love those jeans babe and they look fabulous on you! As if I need another pair of jeans but mine aren’t that good looking so I may have to go grab a pair of these!

    Ellie | @scotch.and.stilettos

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