I don’t even think I noticed murals before I started blogging and now my mural radar is on high alert! A cute outfit is nice and all but a cute outfit in front of a kick ass mural is way more interesting! Lucky for me, I live in a city with murals everywhere so on one sunny, but brisk, afternoon, my photographer friend, Louis, and hungover grumpy me, set out to make some mural magic.

vancouver mural

I always thought if people could see the behind the scenes of blogging it would be much more interesting than the actual blogging. Picture this… a tiny blonde girl, who had had too much to drink the night before, and her patient photographer wandering around Main Street through all the back alleys with bags  full of random outfits and shoes looking for interesting walls. OOOOhhhh there’s one! Time to awkwardly change clothes and shoes behind this random car and try not to step on broken glass/garbage or flash anyone (people definitely got flashed!)

vancouver mural

The first look I wanted to show up was this amazing pink and gold sweater with the cut out sleeve details. I actually got this sweater on sale for $35 and STILL wanted to take it back after I bought it. For some reason the cheap girl inside me just won’t die! I’m so glad I didn’t because I’m actually in LOVE with it now! Shop it at Dynamite Clothing by clicking here!vancouver mural
The next outfit I awkwardly changed in to was this awesome cape/scarf thing and my new over the knee boots! By this time I was freezing and getting grumpy so we stopped at a little cafe to warm up and use a real bathroom to change into outfit number three!
 vancouver mural
I’ve had this pink top from Express FOREVER and people seem to love it! I thought it went well with my new sunnies from Diff Eyewear (my FIFTH pair lol… get 15% off your order with code KYLA15) Seriously though how cool is this wolf mural??
vancouver mural
My shivering, miserable self didn’t even want to get into this dress and these shoes but as soon as I did, TADAAAAA apparently I’m a model! Again, I debated taking this dress back (what is wrong with me!) and these shoes are seriously sexier than anything I’ve ever owned! (dress is from Dynamite and the shoes are from ZooShoo!)

vancouver mural

We were losing the sun but I wanted to get one more cute outfit in! This cute red blouse is one of my faves! I spent almost my whole life convinced I looked bad in red and now I wear it all the time! Cheers to my wonderful friend and photographer Louis (www.lgkeroack.com) for being such a good sport and dragging my hungover a** out of the house and being all around amazing as always! Which look is your fave??Vancouver mural




16 thoughts on “Chasing murals and flashing bystanders…”

  1. Love, love, love the black dress and shoes. You look fantastic! Even after what I gather was an enjoyable evening! lol You look amazing as always hon! Keep it coming…inspirational as usual. Your photographer and working with these amazing murals have really set you apart. xoxo

  2. Outstanding! You look absolutely amazing Kyla. As far as my favourite look, I’d probably have to go with that amazing smile of yours you seem to be wearing all the time. 😉

  3. I love these photos…so colorful and full of energy! Every time I see murals, I always mean to come back and do a photo-shoot. Now you’re inspiring me to do it!
    xo, LA

  4. Louis and yourself did a fab job, babe!!! 🙂 You’re so gorgeous & the backgrounds couldn’t have been better. Love all the colours so much! <3
    The cape/scarf is my ultimate fave. Even though I can't wait for spring time, I am kind of not ready to part with all the cozies just yet 🙂
    xox Nadia

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