You know those things you keep saying that you’ll do but you never actually do and then you finally do it and you’re like why didn’t I do this sooner? Enter laser hair removal! Most people think I’m a natural blonde but I actually have really dark hair… everywhere… awkward… And let’s be honest, ain’t nobody got time for that! Lucky for me, I’ve partnered up with the amazing ladies at JD Laser Clinic to share their story (and mine!) and try and change your mind, and your misconceptions, about the laser hair removal world!
laser hair removal vancouver
JD laser is owned and operated by partners  Justine and Devona (hence the JD in their company name!) They are friends that share a love for the beauty industry and found the laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation world! They saw how ridiculous the prices for laser hair removal were and wanted to provide quality services at an affordable price. The girls are so sweet, warm and knowledgeable. I instantly felt at ease with them (which is so important when you have your private parts out there for the world to see!) The girls really want to change the way people view laser hair removal so here are the two most common misconceptions about it!
laser hair removal vancouver
Doesn’t it hurt? I had tried laser hair removal a few years ago and had a bad experience so I was tentative to try it again. Let me tell you, it has come a LONG way. The lasers are so advanced these days that the procedure is painless. Yep you heard me PAINLESS! The girls are trained to assess the skin and adjust the laser accordingly to make sure it’s completely safe, and comfortable!
laser hair removal vancouver
Isn’t it expensive? JD laser is having an INSANE promo right now (until December 31st 2016) I’ve NEVER seen laser hair removal this cheap anywhere… ever. This is a grand opening promo and these prices will not be coming back. How perfect would this be for a Christmas gift? Now is the perfect time to get started too so you can work your way to being hairless by the summer! The clinic is also offering IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation at amazing prices right now too! IPL treatment is great for targeting fine lines and wrinkles, getting rid of dark/sun spots, stimulating collagen production and much more!
laser hair removal vancouver
I can’t WAIT to see the results and share them with you! It’s not like my body goes into hiding half the year during winter! With my job, I’m in hot destinations all year round and not having to shave will save me valuable time to do the important things in life… like tan, have drinks by the pool and scope for hotties! Have you guys ever tried laser hair removal or have you been thinking about it?


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11 thoughts on “Banishing misconceptions about laser hair removal!

  1. This is so great to hear. I too had a bad experience about 5 years ago and I am so hesitant to try it again. I am so glad you had an awesome experience and sharing it with everyone! You look amazing! I will defiantly check them out

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience on this, I’ve definitely wondered about this, but never went forward with it due to the internet lol. There is just so much incorrect information out there, nice to hear about it from someone I trust!

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