Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, I used to lay out in the sun for hours and hours with no sunscreen. Looking in the mirror one day after a trip to Portugal, I noticed some brown spots and some discolouration on my face. That’s weird, I thought , I must have gotten an uneven tan… So back out into the sun I went to even it up. Fast forward a few months later, and I’m at a dermatologist appointment for some other skin concerns and she says the words that changed my sun worshipping days forever. You have MELASMA. I have what? I’ve never heard it. Some research and the investment of 67 hats later, and here I am today. I thought I was cursed with my discoloured face forever, until I met and fell in love with The Skin Girls.
I had never had a facial before. Whhhhaaaattt? Crazy right? My skin has always been horrendously sensitive, and after I got diagnosed with the melasma, I was even more reluctant to do anything to my face. After connecting with The Skin Girls on Instagram, they invited me to come in and try out some of the services they provided. They asked me what I was interested in and I said EVERYTHING! How could I not, they all sounded amazing! I told them it was my goal in life to be a hairless cat so maybe laser hair removal. They invited me to come by to meet them and chat!
I was nervous when I came in. I didn’t know what to except! I was new to the big city and new to this whole world of aesthetics and I was scared I would be judged. When I walked in, I was immediately greeted with warm smiles from the amazing Lisa (the owner) and Megan. I instantly felt at ease when them. They were down to earth and knowledgable and kind and warm. They knew I was apprehensive and treated me with the utmost respect and care! After looking at me, they determined I was too tanned for laser hair removal to which I replied well what about my “hoo-ha”, it shouldn’t be tanned?! (Told you they made me comfortable!) I’ll skip the details, but I will tell you with their, new crazy amazing laser hair removal machine, it didn’t hurt AT ALL. I’m not even exaggerating. I mean if I hadn’t been watching, I wouldn’t have even known it was happening. I felt nothing! Quick and painless! (Minus the slight awkwardness of having your “bits” on display I guess!)
Next, to ease me into the world of facials, Lisa suggested an oxygen facial. After some light microdermabrasion, she worked her magic, while I had visions of breakouts, skin reactions and redness. When she showed me my reflection, there was no redness at all! Just a nice soft glow! I was hooked. We talked about my melasma and how self conscious it made me. She recommended I try fractional resurfacing to treat it. Even though I had just met her, I trusted her advice. After googling Fraxel lasers for a week and sending Lisa horror pictures and worried texts, I showed up for the appt (I think we were both shocked I actually came!) I was nervous.
I would be lying if I said it felt good. It was hot and unpleasant but not necessarily painful. Afterwards I was red (I’m pretty sure I scared small children on the bus ride home!) I prepared myself for 3-4 days of redness, recovery and being house bound but by the next day the redness was gone. For the next week and a half my skin slowly flaked off and it was difficult not to rub it off or exfoliate! Lisa advised me to just let it do it’s thing and smother coconut oil on it while it was flaking. I’m just over two weeks in now, and I can TOTALLY see a difference. The melasma on my forehead and under my eyes have definitely decreased and the texture and tone has improved considerably!
The Skin Girls embody everything I stand for, women empowering women. They wanted to create a warm, comfortable, affordable environment where women felt comfortable sharing their skin concerns, and they’ve succeeded! In this crazy world, I’m so lucky to have befriended these amazing ladies! Have you guys tried any of these procedures? What’s your fave??
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37 thoughts on “How to treat melasma with a Fraxel laser!

  1. Your skin looks incredible girl! I think it’s easy to underestimate the importance of sunscreen but it’s so essential – i’m bad for not applying it all the time too! Will definitely have to check out The Skin Girls xx

  2. Wow you look fantastic! With or without the procedure! I am happy for you that you found something that works for you. I have never tried this but would love to. I have very sensitive skin.

  3. Girlie, it’s like you wrote this for me!!! Guess what – I have noticed I get melasma on either one of my cheeks or both (just the top part of the cheek bone). The sun is defo not something to be joking with. Tan is a nice thing but have to look after the skin! That’s the priority. I understand that now 🙂 Well,better late than never 🙂
    Thanks so much for sharing this post and your experience and the treatment results. Looking gorgeous, lovely!!!
    xox Nadia

  4. Wow thanks for sharing! I was looking forward to reading this post and didn’t have a chance to till now. Glad you’re okay, you worried me. I used to be the same as well 🙁 I need to do the same as you! You’re skin looks flawless!!! ❌❌

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